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Golf Performance

Who We Are

Driven was created with the goal of helping golfers move better, feel better, and perform better … meaning you will:

  • Swing better …
  • Swing faster …
  • Increase your distance …
  • and Lower your scores …

... All with less pain.

Are you looking for a golf fitness professional? Have you been recommended to try physical therapy? Are you looking to improve your game? Are you looking for a specific plan you can trust will get you to your golf, fitness, or health goals?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

It’s easy to think that pain will go away with rest, because some injuries just take time to heal, but oftentimes the issues causing the pain only get worse with time.

It’s easy to think that the answer to improving your golf game is simply more practice, because things are bound to get better with lots and lots of repetition, but if the source of the problem is stiffness, weakness, or lack of control and stability, the poor movement patterns will just continue to be repeated and reinforced, resulting in little to no improvement over time.

It’s easy to Google or YouTube some tips, tricks, drills, “10 Best Exercises …”, etc. that are supposed to fix your swing or make you stronger or more flexible, and while these might result in some small improvements, the odds are your results will be significantly less than what should be expected for the effort you put in, because the exercises aren’t focused on your body’s specific needs and your specific swing characteristics.

By seeking out a golf fitness professional, you will not only discover how to improve your performance beyond what you thought possible, but also learn what was holding you back in the first place.

Look – we know you’re skeptical. You’ve likely been to other healthcare or fitness practitioners in the past – maybe they helped, maybe they didn’t – yet you’re still dealing with the same problems or pain.

Who We Help

Active Adult Golfers

Who want to continue playing the game they love without aches and pains getting in the way, or who are looking to play their best golf and aren’t really sure how to get there

Junior Golfers

Who want to play their best and maximize their performance so they can play at their ideal college program

Older Adult Golfers

Who want to play with less pain, decrease their risk of injury, move better, improve their performance, and keep up with their friends or younger golfers they may play with

Golfers Looking to Improve Their Performance

Who want to increase their swing speed, increase their consistency, increase their longevity in the game, and reduce their risk of injury, but aren’t really sure how to get the focused improvements they need

Golfers With Previous or Current Injuries

Who want to remain active, but may be fearful or simply unsure about returning to golf because they don’t want to aggravate their pain or make their injury worse, or who want to accelerate their recovery and get back on the course faster

Golfers With Chronic Pain

Who are tired of not being able to play as often, as long, or as well as they want, or who are being held back by their pain and want to play their best without risking further injury

We Understand

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Most of our clients have:

  • Seen other fitness or healthcare professionals, and had poor experiences or results
  • Thought that the pain or injury would go away on its own if they just rested enough, only to find out that it didn’t
  • Been told by friends, family members, or even their doctors that their pain or problems is “just a normal part of getting older”, and that the sooner they accepted that, the better
  • Been told that their game would improve if they just worked a little harder or put in more time at the driving range
  • Have tried exercises from Google searches, YouTube, personal trainers, magazines, other fitness studios, and friends named Bob – you name it, they’ve tried it – only to find that they either aggravated their pain, made their problems worse, or saw little or very slow results
  • Have spent lots of their hard-earned cash on club fittings, golf ball fittings, the newest club technology, gimmicky swing trainers, and the like, only to still see little to no improvements in overall performance on the course
  • Have watched hours and hours of training videos only to be disappointed and still see no improvement in their game
  • Taken golf lessons, and while they see improvements in their game, they either struggle to get their swing changes to stick around from lesson to lesson, have a hard time getting their body into positions their golf pro would like them to be in, or have to adapt their body position and swing to accommodate their physical limitations, leading to further pain and problems down the road

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

If any of those statements ring a bell with you, then we want to help you! Each and every one of those problems can be a thing of the past, STARTING RIGHT NOW. Click the button of your preference below, fill out a quick and easy form to give us a little information about you and your needs, and speak with a Golf Performance Specialist to find out what can be done to help you perform your very best.
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TPI Certified Coach

Our coaches have the extensive certifications, knowledge, and experience required to improve your game. We hold the same certifications PGA and LPGA professionals look for to improve their games. Our golfers always work 1-on-1 with a golf-specific Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Physical Therapist.
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100% Custom programs

Every golfer has specific needs unique to their physical ability and their swing, so we create a program with those specific needs in mind. We create a blueprint of every golfer as a human and an athlete, with their specific goals guiding the process. We leave no room for “wasted” effort – only success!
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Guaranteed Results

Integrity is of the utmost importance to us, and helps define us as individuals and Driven as a business. We want you to be as confident as we are that you will see improvement in swing speed, mobility, and strength, so we back our custom golf fitness programs with a no-questions-asked guarantee:

If you don’t increase your driving distance by at least 10 yards, we’ll continue working with you for free until you do.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Driven Golf Performance & Sports Physical Therapy in the Central Valley

5+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Monica P.

“I was suffering from 6 months of off and on excruciating nerve pain in my lower back, right side. After just 2 sessions, the pain was gone. Dr. Joe actually chose the winning exercise in our first session. He also gave me doable exercises for core strengthening to help with general back ache. I highly recommend him. “

- Shawna M.

“My son had an elbow fracture from a Baseball injury and we completed all our physical therapy with Joe. He was amazing. His expertise in sports medicine rehab was exponential. His approach to his patient care is personal and he is fully invested on getting the best outcome for the present and future of the Athlete. We highly recommend them for any rehab, sports performance needs.”

- Jana C.

“A friend recommended Driven Golf Performance and Sports Physical Therapy to me for an arm/nerve problem. My hands were going numb, making holding my golf clubs impossible and my arm had shooting pain making hitting the ball out of the question. There were serious headaches daily that were making my days long and painful. “