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Why Driven Golf Performance & Sports Physical Therapy

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Dr. Joe Terrill, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, TPI-M2-F2, GFS, MFDc
Owner and Operator of Driven Golf Performance & Sports Physical Therapy


To empower patients through 1-on-1 care focused on blending physical therapy with strength and conditioning principles in order to get patients better, faster, with less chance of reinjury, and without the need for painkillers, injections, or surgery.


Driven Golf Performance and Sports Physical Therapy was officially formed in 2021, and now provides sport performance, fitness, physical therapy, and sports medicine services to athletes and active individuals of every age and skill level, with the goal of helping the Central Valley move better, feel better, and perform better than ever before.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Driven Golf Performance & Sports Physical Therapy in the Central Valley

5+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Monica P.

“I was suffering from 6 months of off and on excruciating nerve pain in my lower back, right side. After just 2 sessions, the pain was gone. Dr. Joe actually chose the winning exercise in our first session. He also gave me doable exercises for core strengthening to help with general back ache. I highly recommend him. “

- Shawna M.

“My son had an elbow fracture from a Baseball injury and we completed all our physical therapy with Joe. He was amazing. His expertise in sports medicine rehab was exponential. His approach to his patient care is personal and he is fully invested on getting the best outcome for the present and future of the Athlete. We highly recommend them for any rehab, sports performance needs.”

- Jana C.

“A friend recommended Driven Golf Performance and Sports Physical Therapy to me for an arm/nerve problem. My hands were going numb, making holding my golf clubs impossible and my arm had shooting pain making hitting the ball out of the question. There were serious headaches daily that were making my days long and painful. “